Installation of new Boiler Plant at St Mary's Primary School, Burnham on Crouch

Scope of Works:

Removing the existing boiler plant and installing new gas fired boilers and a solar powered hot water service pre-heat system.

This project involved the removal of some asbestos containing materials by a licensed contractor and then the removal of the old gas fired boilers, hot water cylinders and pipework.

The new installation comprises of:

  • 2 gas fired Broag Remaha boilers type: Quinta 114kw high efficiency condensing boilers and all new pipework
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Combined Deaerator and Separator
  • Hydromag Magnetic Water Treatment Unit
  • Solar powered hot water service pre-heat system - Kloben Grand Soleil 500 - fitted to the school roof with connections to the main heating system
  • Automatic controls system for the complete system
  • Upgrading and Chlorination of the cold water system

The combination of new boilers, supplemented by the solar powered pre-heating, will provide a substantial efficiency gain in the generation of the school heating requirement. This will reduce the gas bills and minimise the environmental impact of heating the school - providing an ongoing benefit for many years.

St Marys Primary School Maintenance

St Marys Primary School Maintenance

St Marys Primary School Maintenance